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Medical protective clothing is a type of special non-military general purpose uniform. It is designed to create a barrier between the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory organs and the pathogenic environment. PPE is used in medicine, cosmetology and various industries.

The terrible situation in the country and in the world because of Covid-19 became a starting point for the production of these clothes in Ukraine. Venetomed is a manufacturer of protective clothing for healthcare workers, which meets international quality standards. 2020 has turned everyone’s views and beliefs upside down. As it turned out, a very dangerous virus has put all of humanity on earth in a strict quarantine.

Protective coveralls in Ukraine today are safer to buy from a Ukrainian manufacturer than an imported one. You will be given all the information about the suit and the availability of certificates of conformity and State technical standards of Ukraine – and this is a guarantee of your safety!

Protective medical clothing

In order for healthcare workers to stay safe and continue their work, they need medical protective clothing in the first place. Ambulance paramedics, duty doctors, and nurses – they are our guardian angels and continue to treat people despite the dangers.

The category of PPE includes special anti-plague (protective) suits, which consist of the following elements:

  • coverall;
  • gown;
  • face shield;
  • mask;
  • shoe covers.

There are a number of requirements and regulations relating to production. It is their compliance that ensures that the risks of contamination are minimised. Let’s take a closer look at each indicator for them.

Main characteristics

So, what is the difference between disposable medical protective clothing and everyday work uniforms? First of all, they are differentiated according to the conditions of use. Wearing protective clothing is mandatory in the case of pandemics.

A whole range of EN ISO specifications have been developed to which the protective clothing has to conform (permeability, durability, composition, etc.).  Three important criteria that protective clothing must fulfil:

  1. Barrier protection is the property of the material to keep out microorganisms (viruses and bacteria). A distinction is made between anti-plague suits of types I – IV. For work in a ‘covid’ hospital, clothing of type I is suitable in terms of characteristics.
  2. Practicality – every detail must facilitate free movement. First of all, all protective clothing is non-allergenic and anti-static. You literally can’t feel them on yourself. They are lightweight, virtually weightless, breathable and hygroscopic and do not affect the exchange of heat.
  3. Tear and puncture resistant – maintains the integrity of seams and fabric in various tasks: assisting, transporting patients, drawing blood for tests, etc.

Before you buy protective clothing, pay attention to its characteristics such as composition, purpose, and clothing design.

Sterile sets are made of lint-free synthetic material and have an additional layer of laminate on the chest area and sleeves. Such sets are used for major surgery, wound care and other manipulations.

Non-sterile sets are used in cosmetology, in waiting rooms for routine examinations, etc.  The sets must be disposed of after use.

Disposable protective medical clothing

There are many varieties of special suits. They all consist of individual assembled elements. For example, in the catalogue you can order:

  • disposable gowns;
  • double- and triple-layer medical coveralls;
  • face shields;
  • shoe covers.

Gown – below-knee or floor-length, zipped or buttoned up. Can be worn over a work uniform.

The coveralls (jacket + trousers) cover the body from head to toe. Easy to put on, does not make a rustling noise and is non-magnetic.

Face shields are made of plastic – they not only cover the respiratory organs, but also the eyes. As you know, coronavirus and other dangerous pathogens can easily be transmitted from person to person through fluids (by coughing or sneezing). This item of PPE is 2-in-1 and functions as a mask and goggles at the same time. In this way, your face will not perspire as if you were wearing a mask. It is very comfortable and allows you to work non-stop.

The most popular and practical are spunbond and medispan. The fabric is suitable for sewing hygienic suits and the second one for more professional and sterile suits. Medispan is a layering of spunbond and breathing film. The result is a heavy-duty membrane. It repels substances and liquids, breathes and prevents infection.

Rules for choosing protective medical clothing

To ensure that protective clothing for medical workers provides proper safety, you should only buy it from official manufacturers. Unfortunately, in Ukraine today there are a lot of fakes and low-quality sets purchased abroad on marketplaces.

Be sure to research the information about trademark, compliance with standards, purpose. Protective coveralls from the manufacturer Venetomed always ready to provide certificates of conformity. The company officially produces and sells PPE.

Manufacturers of protective clothing Venetomed

As soon as the whole world began to close its borders for quarantine, Venetomed was the only one in Ukraine to purchase equipment and do everything to produce high-quality coveralls. Buy protective clothing you can online on our website or in person in Kyiv.

Thanks to fast action and affordable prices are able to provide medical staff with the necessary clothing. Despite the fact that our country is in the list of leaders on the morbidity of Covid-19, yet the percentage of doctors who fall ill is not high. We can safely say that the coveralls and gowns have proven effective during the first wave. That is why they are recommended by the Ministry of Health.