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Have you ever wondered what a medical suit for a medical professional means? An ordinary work uniform? Of course not, because it\'s an outfit that a person is in for a significant portion of their life. A doctor, a lab technician, a nurse – it is important for all of these people to look aesthetically pleasing. Therefore modern medical women’s suit is made with these wishes in mind.

PPE kits for medical staff are used as protective work uniforms. They are needed as a barrier against pathogens that are in the air and human fluids. Also, when a person wears clean uniforms over their clothes, they prevent the spread of germs in the room that may be on your belongings. Women\'s protective specialty kits are used not only in medicine, but also in:

  • canteens at schools, kindergartens, and public catering;
  • laboratories at factories;
  • sanitary services;
  • disinfection services, etc.

Even for some painting jobs, a disposable medical suit can save you from paint and solvent stains.

Women\'s medical suits – properties, types of overalls

Fifty years ago, doctors were only protected by the cloth uniform. There were no other alternatives and people had to risk their health every day to save other people\'s lives. Cloth absorbs moisture and does not retain viruses. No wonder why doctors used to get sick so often.

Is a woman\'s medical suit disposable or reusable? – which one is better and for what purpose? The only difference between them is that the first one cannot be sterilized and reused. The disposable PPE can be worn from 2 to 5 hours.  Some products can be worn from 1 to 5 times.  The products have the same purpose. But they vary in composition, material density, type of fasteners, and design. For example, a cape with a hood or without, with a zipper or Velcro.

The range includes robes, capes, pants. The most common and popular type of PPE for both men and women today – coverall. It has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. Fully enclosed, leaves no exposed areas;
  2. Easy to put on/remove;
  3. Suitable for various professions.

If you need to buy a women\'s medical suit, choose kits. Which will 100% cover your needs about patient/doctor. If a therapist or cosmetologist for seeing people can use a non-sterile kit, then a surgeon is not suitable for such an option.

A women\'s medical suit can consist of such things as: pants + shirt, gown or coverall. They are supplemented with accessories: shoe covers, masks, screens, gloves. These things also consist of uniforms for men. No matter who is trying on the work uniform: a lab technician or a doctor of an infectious disease department, PPE must be:

  • Lightweight, so as not to restrict movement;
  • Breathable, so as not to create a greenhouse effect;
  • resistant to tears, punctures;
  • comfortable to fit.

It is both a work uniform and a personal protection equipment. But there is one very big peculiarity about women\'s figures – they are all different. Therefore, when choosing PPE for a woman, it is necessary to take into account all the peculiarities of her figure.

Women\'s Medical Suit – Materials and Description

Venetomed presents several variants of protective uniforms for medical workers. Women\'s medical suits are woven from polymers and belong to the group of nonwoven products. Modern technologies make it possible to create heavy-duty and practical clothes. They are used not only in medicine, but also in production, during disinsection and deratization, during gardening works.

  • SpunBel — is characterized by low density and high durability. Two-layer material, moisture-resistant, with a breathable membrane, which allows both protection of medical personnel from pathogens and a comfortable stay during the working day. For single use.
  • Medispan (membrane fabric) – consists of two Spunbond layers and polyethylene.  It is impervious to moisture, which is very important when working with patients.
  • Fullcover — is made of 100% polyester, a two-layer material that is made for multiple use. The laminated layer on the outside protects against pathogens, while the inside is pleasant to the body. Breathable membrane does not create a \”greenhouse effect\”.

You can buy the Venetomed women\'s medical suit online. It is very convenient in the conditions of the pandemic caused by coronavirus infection. Affordable price and excellent quality have become the hallmark of the manufacturer.

Main characteristics

So, how to choose the perfect women\'s medical suit for a woman. Adhere to the simple rules and you will feel comfortable in PPE throughout the working day. It is only necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • Choose your workwear according to your size. To do this, you need to know the exact measurements: waist circumference, hip circumference, chest circumference and shoulder width.
  • Look at the length of the product so that it fits your height.

And most importantly – choose a reliable manufacturer. If you have a choice to buy women\'s medical suits Ukrainian or imported, choose the first option. Veneto company was the first one in Ukraine, who started producing specialized protective clothing for medical workers under the name \”Venetomed\”. In the manufacture use non-woven materials. All production is certified, which means that you are guaranteed to be protected in these PPE.

Also, often the imported size grids do not coincide with ours. As a result, you buy overalls that are either too big (American) or too small (Asian).

Ukrainian production is not inferior in quality and performance characteristics to European, Asian and American brands. Moreover, you cannot be 100% sure that you were sold original PPE, because they are often substituted with fakes. Of course you can order them at official sites, but then you have to wait a long time for delivery.

Therefore, Ukrainian protective clothing is the most appropriate today for healthcare workers and other professions.