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Protective suit – is a set of all-purpose protective clothing that protects the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory organs during work in a hazardous environment. It consists of a gown, coverall, mask, shoe covers and goggles.

Depending on the version, the protective suit is suitable for use in medicine, the chemical industry and a wide variety of industries (food, agriculture, etc.).

Today, their production and operation is particularly urgent for health facilities. The reason for this is the coronavirus, namely its new strains. To protect doctors, nurses, epidemiologists and laboratory technicians, a protective suit against coronavirus (type 1 anti-plague) is perfect.
Unfortunately, our country has one of the highest sickness rates in Europe. Doctors and nurses are in a high-risk area, they need quality protective clothing.

Protective medical suit

For example, a protective medical suit must protect against contact with germs contained in human fluids (sweat, saliva, sputum, etc.). These fluids contain particularly high concentrations of germs. Volatile germs that are transmitted by airborne transmission must not penetrate the coveralls or come into contact with exposed skin areas.

There are military PPE, firefighting PPE, medical PPE, etc. They all differ in the type of protection and operational area. You can order your protective suit online on our website. Go to the range of products, select the required items and fill in the short form.

The strongest protective suits against viruses are the first type of anti-plague suit (there are four in total). These are the ones worn by doctors in ‘covid’ hospitals. They get their name from the first prototypes of protective clothing worn by doctors during the bubonic plague and smallpox pandemics.

A disposable protective suit consists of a coverall, a special face shield and shoe covers. All clothing can be classified according to the following criteria:

  • material of which they are made (double/triple-layer);
  • performance characteristics;
  • sterile/non-sterile;
  • lint or lint-free fabric;
  • disposable and reusable, etc.

Venetomed is the first company in Ukraine to produce PPE to protect healthcare workers against coronavirus. They are worn by laboratory workers, paramedics and cosmetologists. Today you can buy protective medical suit online with delivery all over Ukraine.

What does the price of a protective suit depend on? The main form factor is the material from which the products are made. Two-layer models cost slightly less than three-layer models. Sterile ones cost more than non-sterile ones.

Protective suit from the virus to buy online is very simple – select the required items from the catalogue, the amount and fill out a simple form-application.

Protective medical suit buy in Ukraine – today it really does not make sense to overpay for imported sets of special protection. Sets from Ukrainian company have long confirmed their suitability and effectiveness in exploitation.

Main characteristics

Welded seams, secure zips, rubberised cuffs – every detail has been carefully considered. In case of an emergency, you need to be sure that the integrity will not be compromised. If you need to buy a protective medical suit, be sure to pay attention to the features described below.

Barrier protection is the most important indicator. The material used for sewing prevents liquids, substances and viruses from passing through. The properties of polymeric membranes are similar to those used in sportswear. That is, they do not create a greenhouse effect.

Comfort – here everything is simple, because it is clear that a medical worker during a work shift should be easy to move around and not feel discomfort. This means it must be lightweight and flexible.

Spunbond protective suits are the result of a symbiosis of modern technology and international standards. All products of the Ukrainian manufacturer comply with the norms. The list of standards is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at the legislative level.

The advantages of domestic brand are undeniable: an affordable price and European quality, and most importantly – availability. In a situation when the delivery of personal protective equipment from abroad is not possible, a worthy alternative was needed.

Venetomed were the first in the country, who began to produce protective anti-viral suit for health workers in Ukraine in accordance with international performance characteristics.

Disposable protective suit

The protective suits for medical workers from Venetomed provide safety and comfort. They are made of medispan and spunbond. They are extremely lightweight, non-allergenic and antistatic.

With us you can buy disposable protective suit at very favourable prices. At the same time, all products comply with quality norms of European standards.

Medispan is obtained by bonding alternately layers of spunbond and special breathable film. This technology provides maximum safety. As for spunbond, it is suitable for production of hygienic coveralls. The field of application is medicine, cosmetology.

Available in the catalogue for ordering:

  • screens;
  • coveralls;
  • gowns;
  • shoe covers.

Protective suits for doctors can be purchased online in any size and colour. Each model is thoroughly tested for durability and defects before being sent to the customer. This responsible approach ensures a higher level of product quality.

Rules for choosing a protective suit

Always be careful when choosing and check the manufacturer\'s information and the composition of the product. Unfortunately, there are many fakes on the market today. Pay attention to the following parameters:

  • size – a tight outfit will constrain your movements, too big will always twist and interfere with your work;
  • composition – the above-mentioned names are officially authorized worldwide and doctors, laboratory workers and nursing staff wear these clothes during work.
  • sterile (for surgeons)/non-sterile.

Never give preference to brands that you don\'t know about. Do not expose your health to additional risks. It is better to buy a protective suit from a reputable manufacturer who gives a guarantee on the goods.