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Have you ever wondered how many germs you carry on your shoes? You can get helminth eggs, viruses and bacteria on the soles of your shoes. Then it all spreads around the apartment/house or hospital. But you can minimize these risks by buying disposable shoe covers. They will be a kind of barrier between dirty shoes and a clean floor.

Interesting fact: In Kyivan Rus\', the shoes worn by ordinary peasants were called ‘bahily’ (literally ‘shoe covers’) These shoes looked like half-shoes, which were pulled together in the front with straps.

Shoe covers in the modern sense are covers for shoes made of polyethylene or non-woven materials. They are used in medicine, laboratories and in rooms where there are special requirements for sterility.

Medical disposable shoe covers price – imported models are more expensive, but the quality is often inferior to the Ukrainian manufacturer – Veneto.

Disposable medical shoe covers

In the usual sense, disposable shoe covers are intended for one-time use. You can wear them for 2-5 hours. It all depends on the type of material and its density. Today you can buy disposable medical shoe covers in any pharmacy or online. In Ukraine, by the way, there is also a reliable and responsible manufacturer of personal protective equipment is the company \”Veneto\” and their production \”Venetomed\”.

However, let\'s talk about the properties and types of disposable shoe covers. All disposable personal protective equipment must have these properties:

  • create a barrier against dirt and dust;
  • keep out germs;
  • be resistant to abrasion;
  • not weigh down your step;
  • sit well on the shoe;
  • easy to put on and take off

All shoe covers can be divided into such types as smooth and ribbed. Products with ribbed soles are less slippery, because they have a ribbed structure. According to the type of production can be divided into two groups:

  1. machine-made;
  2. handmade.

Machine-made covers are made of non-woven polymeric materials, such as Spunbond, Medispan, etc. Most shoe covers are made of polyethylene. They differ in composition only impurities. Made by hand, stitched on sewing machines. Hand-made shoe covers have a one-piece elastic band.

Disposable shoe coversmain characteristics

Medical disposable shoe covers are used not only in medical institutions.  Without them you cannot do in rooms with delicate expensive flooring. For example, they are often used in museums, bowling clubs, sports facilities, cosmetology centers. By the way, today there are special machines with which you do not need to put the covers on by hand. You just put your foot on a special panel and the shoe covers covering your shoes.

The properties of the shoe covers are determined by the peculiarities of its production. Performance characteristics often depend on the material composition, production method, size, etc. The main parameters include the following indicators:

  • rubber band – it can be single or double, sewn or soldered over the entire length of the product;
  • material from which they are made – conditionally divided into two categories of polyethylene (low and high pressure);
  • size – for summer shoes 13 by 34 cm, and for winter shoes 20 by 50 cm;
  • material thickness – minimum 8 microns, maximum 100 microns

They also distinguish products by color and format of packaging. The most important property is the thickness. As the thicker the layer of material, the longer the shoe covers can provide barrier protection. Today a variety of brands, costs, manufacturers\' countries will surprise you.

For one-time use, you should not buy too expensive shoe covers. At most you wear them for 5 hours.

Disposable shoe covers – materials and their description

Non-woven shoe covers are versatile in their use. They are suitable for different rooms and different floor coverings. Veneto offers disposable shoe covers to buy in materials such as:

  • SpunBel — is a material consisting of polypropylene filament yarns. Thanks to a special manufacturing method (extrusion), SpunBel has a number of advantages over other types of polymeric nonwoven fabrics. It is more resistant to tears and abrasions, resistant to moisture.
  • Medispan — The fabric is multi-layered and consists of several layers of Spunbond as well as a special breathable film. The material is airtight and does not cause allergies.
  • Spunbond — is named after the technology by which it is made. The molten polymer is passed through nozzles, and the thin threads are stretched in the air and laid on a conveyor belt. This is how this fabric is obtained. This is the easiest type of material for shoe covers. Not suitable for reusable.

Venetomed is an affordable brand in Ukraine. Absolutely without any difficulty you can buy disposable shoe covers in Kyiv or order on the website with delivery to any region.

Rules for choosing disposable shoe covers

Shoe covers are the easiest and most effective way to avoid spreading dirt around the room. Any expert in the field of medicine will tell you that when buying disposable shoe covers, price/quality is not the most important criterion. If you go to the hospital – simple disposable models are enough. More serious shoe covers are necessary for medical personnel. You pay attention to:

  • size;
  • summer/winter type;
  • manufacturer;
  • quality of seams/straps;

Why is the brand so important when buying disposable PPE? Because the products that are made by companies such as Veneto have quality certificates. This means that you are guaranteed to buy products that protect you from germs, the patient from dirt, etc..