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The reusable protective medical coverall is a versatile type of protective clothing. It covers the body, thereby minimizing the risk of infections entering the skin of the healthcare worker. Unfortunately, there are viruses that can infect a person by entering his/her body through the skin. Such pathogens are transmitted through the air (airborne infections) and through human fluids – saliva, sweat, etc.

Quality reusable coveralls you can buy with delivery in Ukraine from the manufacturer Veneto. This is the first and only company in Ukraine creates certified PPE.

Every year there are new infectious diseases that are getting harder to resist. A striking example of this is the epidemic of coronavirus, which is the second consecutive year, every day takes the lives of thousands of people around the world. Sometimes reusable coveralls are the only way to keep yourself safe. Reusable PPE refers to anti-plague suits. They are general-purpose (not just used in medicine) and special-purpose items.

Medical reusable coverall

The products have enough advantages to consider them the best workwear. The slim fit is quite practical. Such clothes are easy to put on and take off. Coveralls are used not only in medicine, but also in factories, laboratories, etc. Coveralls can be:

  • Woven (cotton+membrane fabrics, for example) and non-woven (polymer fabrics);
  • Sterile and non-sterile;
  • Reinforced seams and normal seams;

It does not matter what kind of protective coverall is chosen by a medical worker, because each reusable protective coverall performs the same function – it protects from pathogenic environment.

Functions should be considered as a direct purpose, and properties as a set of operational characteristics. The functions are standardized by a large number of GOST’s, DSTU, Euronorm, ISO and TU (Technical conditions). Properties of suits of different brands can be different.

Disposable and reusable coveralls are created based on the requirements of standards. To ensure that the overalls passed state control and were allowed to be sold, the company Veneto purchased special equipment to create non-woven materials, expanded its staff and passed a huge number of inspection commissions. This was a necessary measure to guarantee your safety.

Coronavirus protective reusable medical coverall complies with such state standards as: [State technical standards of Ukraine]: DSTU EN 14126:2008, DSTU EN ISO 13485:2018, DSTU EN 14605:2017, DSTU EN 13034:2017; ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001-2017, etc. Remember that in 99% of cases, availability of certificates guarantees safety.

Main characteristics

Consider quality, professional kits. For example, the Venetomed coronavirus medical reusable protective suit. This is an example of a perfect combination of cost, quality, and practicality. They can be compared to the ammunition of superheroes, because they:

  • do not cause allergic reactions;
  • antistatic;
  • crease-resistant, do not look creased;
  • weigh little;
  • they do not restrict movement;
  • provide excellent thermo-regulation;
  • moisture-resistant;
  • suitable for use in all climatic conditions;
  • they look aesthetically pleasing and fit perfectly;
  • retain the appearance of a new garment after multiple use;
  • can be sterilized in various ways.

And how nice it is to see a doctor or nurse in beautiful work clothes. The tidier the workman\'s clothes, the more a person trusts him or her on an intuitive level.

On the website of Venetomed you can buy reusable coveralls wholesale and retail. You just choose the kit you like and place your order (specify the quantity, delivery address, etc.).

Compared with imported kits, the price of Ukrainian at times lower. At the same time the quality of both is the same. Therefore, most epidemiologists and representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine recommend buying a reusable medical coveralls from the domestic manufacturer.

All specimens are made of Spunbond. SpunBel (or Spunbond) is made by layering polymer fibers on top of each other. To make such a fabric monolithic, thermal welding or ultrasonic welding is used. As a result the material can even be given a pattern.

Reusable medical overalls are created from materials such as Medispan or SMS. In essence, any material is several layers of SpunBel and membrane fabrics.

Rules for choosing reusable coveralls

It will be easier to buy reusable medical coveralls if you stick to the simple rules of selection. They will protect you from fakes, overpayments and other unpleasant situations. Overalls should cover the needs of the medical worker/patient relationship. Remember, PPE protects from viruses not only you.

Let us simulate a simple situation. The doctor on duty came to work, he could have brought dangerous fungi, viruses on his clothes from the street. A healthy person\'s immune system will be able to fight off these threats. But what about a patient with a weakened immune system? Pathogens can aggravate the patient\'s condition, provoke complications, etc.  This is a prime example of how PPE protects patients and healthcare workers.

So, remember the 5 simple rules to help you:

  1. Choose coveralls according to size.
  2. Carry out a visual inspection for visible defects (inspect the seams, too).
  3. Be sure to have original packaging.
  4. Refuse to buy goods of a dubious brand in order to save money.
  5. Buy only certified products.

Venetomed offers to buy reusable coveralls at affordable prices. With constant quarantines, it is convenient to shop online. The catalogue contains real images of the suits, their detailed description and purpose. Transport companies will deliver the goods to any region of Ukraine. Necessary additional accessories such as screens, masks, shoe covers are available for ordering.

A free telephone consultation is available for anyone who wants to know more about workwear.