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Now the gowns are reusable and beautiful and comfortable. They have gone through a long history of evolution: from baggy, black (like the plague doctors) to modern, stylish and practical overalls. From wrap things, to models with modern buckles.

Think back to the plague doctors\' suits, by the way, that was the first prototype of the doctor\'s uniform. Of course it had a more intimidating look back then. If you met a health worker in a hospital dressed like that in a hospital right now, you would be more shocked.


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Therefore, it is inappropriate to be afraid of people in a reusable medical gown. In the modern sense, reusable medical gown is a basic part of the work uniform of any doctor, nurse. There are other varieties: suits, coveralls.

Reusable medical gowns

Before the invention of polymers, cloth kits were used. They were sewn from white cotton. Why did they give preference to white? It\'s very simple, the nurses\' clothes were soaked in chlorine, boiled, ironed, and quartzed. In the past, technology did not allow for the production of colored fabric, which was resistant to so many treatments.

In addition, white is the color of cleanliness and any contamination can be seen on such a uniform. However, it is easier to find a medical worker in the crowd if the doctor wears a standard white uniform. Today, more varieties of fabric are used for tailoring: TiSi, Satori, etc.

But there is another type of workwear for medical workers. They are created from non-woven materials. Non-woven reusable medical gowns are a whole category of protective equipment. Their performance properties are many times superior to the advantages of fabric ones. These advantages include:

  • The material is moisture-resistant, as it is impervious to water and human fluids. Saliva and sputum when coughing, blood, sweat remain on the surface of the suit. As we know, the fluids of a sick person contain a very large number of pathogens. In this case, the personal protective equipment minimizes the risk of viruses getting on the skin of a medical worker, thus guaranteeing his safety.
  • Air permeability – by this term we mean air filtration. The material cleans the air of germs, thereby enhancing the protective functions of the suit and preventing the greenhouse effect.
  • Resistant to mechanical damage because nonwoven materials are created by layering and welding fibers. Reusable medical gowns are more difficult to damage. Resistant to punctures, cuts and other mechanical damage.

These three functions ensure prevention and control of illness among staff. In addition, the wearing of shoe covers, screens, and masks is mandatory.

As for the types of overalls, their assortment is not large. Medical reusable gowns can be sterile or/and hygienic. The first ones are used in operating rooms. The latter are designed for a wider application. Therapists, cosmetologists, doctors of various fields wear such pieces of PPE for daily admissions of patients.

Protective reusable medical gown is used when calling a doctor at home, in the ambulance, beauticians, etc..

Main characteristics

There are many requirements for modern medical suits: practicality, aesthetics, price, efficiency, as well as individual needs. It is reasonable to highlight the main characteristics that a reusable medical gown should meet:

  • practical design that allows freedom of movement;
  • light weight;
  • compression resistance;
  • robust fasteners;
  • pockets for storing personal items, some tools;
  • sturdy seams;
  • velcro or elastic cuffs, so you can adjust their width;
  • comfortable length (there are standard and shortened variants).

Given all these needs, manufacturers also create aesthetically appealing reusable medical gowns.

Reusable medical gowns

Absolutely all reusable medical gowns are made of Spunbond (Spunbel). It can be two or three layers or covered with a special membrane. This choice is not a whim of manufacturers, but strict instructions dictated by international standards and specifications. Only the presence of these certificates gives you a guarantee that the products really protect against viruses.

Ukrainian company Veneto produces protective suits Venetomed just in accordance with these standards. This is the first company in Ukraine, which began producing PPE professionally. Absolutely all their products meet such standards as:

  • [State technical standard of Ukraine] EN 14126: 2008 Protective clothing. Protection against infectious agents.
  • Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 753 of October 2, 2013 (Technical regulations for medical devices)
  • Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.761 of  August 27, 2008 (Technical regulation of individual protection equipment).
  • [State technical standard of Ukraine] EN ISO 13485:2018 Medical devices. Quality management systems. Requirements for regulatory purposes fulfilled.
  • [State technical standard of Ukraine] EN 14605:2017 Protective clothing. Protection against liquid chemicals.
  • [State technical standard of Ukraine] EN 13034:2017 etc.

According to these standards, reusable medical protective gowns are made of multilayer polymeric non-rolled fabrics, such as: Medispan, SMS.

Rules for choosing reusable gowns

If you need to buy reusable medical gowns, be sure to familiarize yourself with its characteristics. First, its level of protection should correspond to the conditions in which you work (there are 4 types of anti-plague suits). Secondly, you need to choose your size correctly. Thirdly, check the certified production or not, if you decide to buy not Venetomed. Fourth, inspect the clothes for integrity. Be careful, the structure of the material should be homogeneous, without protruding threads and fibers. Fifth, special protection should be sold in the factory packaging.

You can buy reusable medical gown in wholesale and retail. Venetomed website presents a wide range of products with a detailed description. Delivery is possible all over Ukraine.