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Personal protective equipment helps reduce the risk of infection. This is a type of protective clothing that includes protective gowns, coveralls, respirators and masks and goggles. When you are fully equipped, you will be as safe as possible from contact with germs and infections.

A year ago no one in the world would have imagined that the newly identified Covid-19 virus would quarantine the entire planet. The scepticism passed rather quickly but the new wave of infections has not disappeared. Ukraine has also been hit by the disease, and it is doctors and nurses who have been the first to take the hit.

Until recently, no one had given such seriousness to special protective equipment. But in view of the conditions that have gripped the planet for over a year now, all of humanity has begun to take its health more seriously. The demand for masks, shoe covers and sanitizers among the general population skyrocketed. They have proved 100% effective.

Medical staff is the hardest hit. They have to be protected from head to toe, otherwise who will treat Ukrainians? That is why their outfit is very complicated and consists of many elements. Laboratory workers work non-stop because they have to carry out a huge number of tests to detect the coronavirus. Of course, we want all the people who are saving patients today to be safe.

Protective medical gown

A gown is a type of long-sleeved garment that fastens from top to bottom with a zip or ties. The simple design ensures quick and easy donning over any clothing – this is their main advantage. Included in the set of anti-plague suits. Today they are classified into the following types:

  • disposable and reusable;
  • woven and non-woven fabrics;
  • sterile (surgical);
  • non-sterile protective disposable gown.

They can also be distinguished by the way they are fastened, their colour, the presence of pockets and additional elements (hood, collar type). All products must be certified in accordance with European standards.

Main characteristics

Clothing for healthcare workers must have certain characteristics.  Let\'s talk about them in more detail:

  1. Barrier protection – prevents penetration of pathogenic organisms. This is an invisible layer, which prevents penetration of germs and fluids (blood, sputum, etc.).
  2. Durability – resistance to tearing and mechanical damage. Venetomed uses modern non-woven materials. Medical emergencies and all kinds of force majeure often put the integrity of a garment at risk. It is essential that the fabric of the garment is strong enough and the seams secure.
  3. Comfort – comfortable design and fitting, breathability, light weight. These products do not cause discomfort while the medical professional is working. Doctors and nurses today have to work under extreme conditions. They are forced to stay in PPE 24/7. Therefore, it is very important that the suits are breathable, promote normal heat exchange.

All surgical protective gowns are tested for durability before they go on sale. Each piece is inspected separately and only after a thorough examination is it approved for sale.
Surgical protective gowns are laminated in the sleeves and chest area. Sterile sets are made of lint-free material (spunbond).

Disposable protective gown

Gowns are undoubtedly one of the most common PPE. Meanwhile, coveralls from the Ukrainian brand have proven to be excellent in use. They are made from Spunbel, Medispan and Spunbond polymeric materials. They are antistatic, hypoallergenic, lightweight and do not constrain the movement. The following protective tops are available for order in the catalogue:

  1. Disposable protective medical gown ultrasonic welding. Optimal in terms of value for money, suitable for sanitary and epidemiological services. Also used in everyday work in covid centres, hospitals, clinics. Composition: spunbond; welded seams. Spunbond does not cause allergies. Sterilization takes place at temperatures between 100 and 130 0С.
  2. Disposable protective gown (Medispan) – made of three-layer non-woven material with welded seams (composition: propylene). The multilayer breathing membrane is highly durable. The fact that the spunbond and the breathing film are bonded together to make the medispan. The sleeves are tightly cuffed and there is a hood.

In addition, you can buy shoe covers, gloves and face shields from Venetomed. Ordering is easy – go to the catalogue, select the required items, decide on the size and quantity and fill in the short form.

Rules for choosing a protective gown

What should you look out for before choosing and buying a protective gown for your target needs? Of course, first of all, it is very important to choose a reliable manufacturer. There are many unknown \”no name\” companies that do not give quality guarantees, do not provide certificates of conformity. There is no assurance that such workwear will really become a barrier to viruses.

It is equally important to choose the right size for your protective clothing. The wrong size will make you feel uncomfortable to wear. It should be worn over the work uniform.

The price of protective gown – the cost of products will pleasantly surprise you. In fact, disposable PPE, as well as shoe covers, face shields are not so expensive. Buying them, you will save your health.

By the way, imported suits are much more expensive than domestic ones – not everyone has the opportunity to buy them. Ukrainian production is of the same quality as imported and costs less – it is the perfect combination of price and quality.

You can buy protective clothing in Kyiv or online at the official website of Venetomed. Prices from the manufacturer, delivery all over Ukraine.