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A couple of years ago no one would have imagined that a particular strain of virus would change the life of the entire planet. And now, a year after the start of the biggest pandemic ever, Covid-19, our lives have literally been turned upside down. It is no longer stylish accessories that are in vogue, but a protective shield, gown and other PPE.

All people without exception must necessarily wear personal protective equipment: masks, gloves, keep sanitizers. The fact is that the dangerous strain of coronavirus is transmitted from person to person and through the mucous membranes.

So, if there is no protection on your eyes, the risk of infection is very high. For greater safety, it is advisable to use medical protective shields. Everyone has seen these in supermarkets, pharmacies, schools etc. It is a plastic plate covering the whole face – very convenient and practical.

Healthcare workers wear a face protective shield to prevent viruses from entering through the air and human fluids. When sneezing and coughing, liquids are spread 3 to 5 meters away. A normal mask made of non-woven material will not create the necessary barrier. Medical gloves and shoe covers are also important, especially in units where people with Covid are treated.

The Venetomed protective medical face shield is therefore an excellent alternative. Their advantage is that they do not leave areas of skin exposed completely!

In such a working environment, quartsing, wet cleaning and airing are not enough. Covid units are overcrowded all over Ukraine. Healthcare workers are putting themselves and their families at terrible risk and yet they remain 100% committed to their vocation of saving lives. In such a situation, it is very important to be sure of the quality of protective clothing and its individual elements.

Protective clothing and elements of protective suits have proven to be effective. They are holding back the rate of illness amongst healthcare workers. PPE is a compulsory part of the uniform of doctors and nursing staff. All requirements and regulations for them are laid down in decrees approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Medical protective face shield

The Ukrainian company Venetomed produces a universal protective face shield that can be used by absolutely everyone.  It is robust, easily adjustable and easy to care for. There is enough space inside to put the mask on. It has the following performance characteristics:

  • completely transparent and does not impair visibility;
  • plastic prevents the ingress of germs into the eye mucosa;
  • the head circumference is adjustable and can be adapted individually;
  • suitable for multiple use.
  • low weight – no discomfort when worn;
  • the elastic body with the strap prevents the head from ‘squeezing’.

Today, healthcare workers have to wear the medical protective face shield throughout their work shift. Even the average person is much safer outdoors, in transport, with this PPE than without it.

Main characteristics

Vehicles with no visible damage or defects are authorised for use. It cannot have cracks, punctures and other flaws. The strap used to adjust the diameter of the head circumference is easy and straightforward to close.

The height of the plate and its position can be adjusted as required. Rubber padding in the forehead area provides a comfortable fit + shields the eyes from sweat drips. Main features:

  • transparency;
  • impermeability;
  • lightweight;
  • reliable adhesion.

All materials are hypoallergenic. It is extremely difficult to buy a protective face shield in a regular pharmacy or shop, it is much easier to do it online.

Why do we use plastic and not glass? – The thing is that glass is much heavier and more traumatic. If dropped, bumped, glass can break and injure. There are no such problems with plastic. In terms of performance qualities, modern polymers are many times superior to natural materials.

Rules for choosing a protective shield

What should you look for when choosing PPE? First and foremost, their visual appearance. They must also be sterilisable. A medical protective face shield is a means of everyday use. Convenience and reliability are the main selection criteria.

The picture is not distorted – you can easily walk, pee, administer drips, etc. The product does not affect your ability to work; it does not damage your eyesight. This is why it is important to choose products manufactured by a specialised manufacturer.

Medical face protective shield, price of which does not exceed the cost of a disposable mask, most likely does not have the necessary properties. Better avoid such purchases!!!

Face protective shield price – if you are interested in these products, our website presents their price and a detailed description. Everyone is welcome to view the assortment.

Remember, the use of special protection is a great way to prevent the spread of disease. Medical protective face shield is better to buy now, before the second lockdown. It is useful not only for hospital staff, but also for those who are at risk of contracting Covid-19, namely:

  • pensioners;
  • people with chronic heart and vascular diseases;
  • people suffering from diabetes
  • those with a high volume of people at work (shop assistants, public transport drivers, etc.);.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices of medical protective face shields. This accessory is very inexpensive and sterilisable.

Just a year ago, no one in Ukraine was yet producing anti-plague suits, hygiene gowns. Once all borders were closed due to lockdown, Venetomed was the first to focus on production.  Affordable price and excellent quality are the main advantages of the Ukrainian company\'s products.

We purchased the necessary equipment and obtained authorization for this activity, and immediately began to produce PPE to ensure adequate protection of Ukrainian doctors. Today our products are available to order for all citizens.

You can buy medical protective face shield in Kyiv or on the official website. Just select your favorite products from the catalogue and make an order. The goods are kept in a personal warehouse, personally tested for suitability for use and send customers.

We also recommend special coveralls and gowns for medical personnel.