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Protective shoe covers are covers for shoes. Visually, they look like a pouch/bag on an elastic band and are oddly shaped. Remember that they cannot be replaced by improvised means. They are used for hygienic purposes in hospitals, facilities where there are high demands on cleanliness and hygiene. They are a type of special protective clothing.

They are compulsory and indispensable. Disposable bags, diapers and other alternatives are prohibited. Covers prevent the spread of indoor dirt that we bring in on the soles of our shoes from the street. By wearing them, you minimise contact with the pathogenic environment. You can buy protective shoe covers online today at any time. Online shopping is much safer than going to public places.

Citizens\' awareness has grown tremendously over the past year, everyone is using personal protective equipment – and it really does help to contain the coronavirus. Numerous studies and observations have proved their effectiveness!
The demand for PPE is particularly high now. Flu and Covid-19 have forced medical staff  to work in protective suits. Sadly, the statistics of those infected are increasing inexorably every day. Ambulance paramedics, nurses, doctors are at risk of getting sick every day, so they have to wear not only shoe covers, but also protective coveralls, gowns and face shields.

Ukrainian manufacturer Venetomed is engaged in production of protective clothing. You can buy high-quality and inexpensive models with delivery all over Ukraine. All goods are certified and comply with European quality standards.

Before putting on and after taking off you have to treat your hands with a special sanitizer.

Protective shoe covers reusable

Shoe covers are divided into two categories: disposable and reusable. Disposable ones are used for visiting patients or in treatment rooms. Also suitable for work in:

  • cosmetology;
  • tattoo studios;
  • massage rooms.

They are put on at the entrance, then removed and disposed of afterwards.

Reusable ones can be disinfected in an autoclave. By the way, many people mistakenly think they can be worn outdoors – they\'re not. They are solid, high-fitting models (above the ankle).

Reusable shoe covers are not only used in hospitals. They are made of thick materials and protect the floor from damage when walking. This is why they are worn in museums, bowling clubs and places with expensive parquet flooring. But they are most often used in:

  • operating rooms;
  • laboratories;
  • maternity clinics;
  • infection control units;
  • sterile rooms for various purposes.

Depending on the type of material, the maximum wearing time is determined (minimum 5 minutes, maximum 5 hours). It is essential that the packaging contains information on the wearing time.

In no case should this indicator be neglected. Otherwise, after the specified time has elapsed, you will become a dirt peddler. That\'s how you endanger the people around you. And you can bring home the germs that have collected on your soles. Can you imagine the negative consequences of negligence?

So, protective shoe covers should be sturdy, firmly fixed, and of course create a reliable barrier. Let\'s take a closer look at the main features to look for when buying them.

Main characteristics

The first and most important criteria by which to choose your protective clothing is the exploitation time. Covers, like protective masks, cannot be worn all day without changing. Next, the material is very important. Today they are made of:

  • textiles;
  • non-woven fabrics;
  • PVC, etc.

The most popular and widespread are protective shoe covers made of spunbond, polyethylene and medispan. Venetomed manufactures two and three-layer shoe covers.

Density – the higher this value, the better the protective barrier. For example, there are moisture-repellent ones and they are resistant to various substances and human fluids. This is an excellent solution for units that treat people with coronavirus.

For example, a type of shoe covers designed for visitors is made of materials with a density of up to 20 µm. But the elements of anti-plague suits are 55-65 μm. To move freely and do their job protective clothing must be super-light, literally weightless.

Pay attention to the elastic band for fixation. It\'s important that the stocking won\'t come off while you\'re walking, so give preference to a tighter, stretchy hem. Some are as short as a pair of tees, while others are 54cm high.


Protective shoe covers

Venetomed makes protective shoe covers from non-woven materials. They are made by melting polymers. The result is an inexpensive and sufficiently reliable PPE. Spunbond is a two-layer fabric; while medispan is a three-layer fabric (it has an additional layer of film). The material is non-allergenic, antistatic and tear-resistant. It is an optimal combination of price and quality.
Rules for choosing protective shoe covers
To choose and buy protective shoe covers, you need to know very little. All you need is information about the manufacturer. Venetomed is one of the first to produce them. In 2019, when all countries in the world declared a lockdown, there was an urgent need for special protection. It became impossible to buy products from abroad (the borders were closed). In addition, imported PPE are much more expensive.

Our products comply with State technical standards of Ukraine EN14605-2017, EN13034. On the packaging you can find a data about the production batch, date of manufacture, composition. If you have not found any information – it is better to refuse to buy. It is quite possible that they are trying to sell you a cheap fake.

Protective shoe covers are priced according to their durability.

There are no size requirements – one size fits all. The elastic band collects the material in folds on itself and stretches perfectly when needed. This is very comfortable and practical. It is also impossible to confuse the left shoe with the right shoe. They have a primitive shape; no such design features are intended.

Buy protective shoe covers online with delivery all over Ukraine. Protective clothing sets and protective face shields are also available.