Terms and conditions of use of the web site (web page) https://venetomed.com/


  1. These Terms and Conditions govern the terms and conditions of use of the website (webpage) https://venetomed.com/.


  1. Definition of terms

In these Terms, terms are used in the following meaning:

web site – a set of data, electronic (digital) information, other objects of copyright and (or) related rights, etc., which are interconnected and structured within a website address and (or) an account of the owner of this web site, accessed via an Internet address, which may consist of a domain name, directory entries or requests and (or) a numerical address by Internet Protocol;

web page – a constituent part of the web site, which may contain data, electronic (digital) information, other objects of copyright and (or) related rights etc.;

exclusive right – the property right of a person who has copyright and/or related rights to a work, performance, production, broadcasts of broadcasting organization, phonogram or videogram, to use these objects of copyright and (or) related rights only by him and to issue only by this person a permission or prohibition on their use by other persons within the period prescribed by the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights”;

the owner of the website – the person who is the owner of the account and establishes the terms and conditions of use of the website;

web page owner – the person who is the owner of the account used to place a web page on the site, and who manages and/or provides electronic (digital) information within such web page;

hyperlinks – formalized in accordance with the standards of the Internet record of address of the site or its part (web page, data). If the hyperlink addresses parts of the site (web page), in addition to the domain and (or) the numerical address behind the Internet protocol, it may contain additional records of directories or requests  and conditions of access to the web page, can be reproduced or stored on devices that can read and play electronic (digital) information using the Internet;

account – formalized according to Internet standards, a record on computer equipment (computers, servers) connected to the Internet, which identifies the user (eg, site owner) on such equipment, includes data about access to portions of directories and software of computer equipment, as well as defines the rights of such access, allowing the account holder to add, delete, modify electronic (digital) information and website data, provide access to the website or parts of it, individual data to others, suspend the operation of such website or parts of it within the account;

person – natural or legal person;

trademark – designation by which certain persons’ goods and services are distinguished from those of others;

registered trademark – trademark for which a certificate was issued or which has an international registration, valid on the territory of Ukraine;

domain name – a name used for addressing computers and resources on the Internet.

  1. The owner of the web site, web-page, domain name and Users of the site

3.1 The owner of the web site, web-page and domain name is the Limited Liability Company “VENETO GROUP”, located at the address: 18006, Cherkasy, 27, Yuriy Illienko Str.

3.2. The user of the web site https://venetomed.com/ (hereinafter referred to as Web site) is any physical person who has ever accessed the Web site and reached an age permissible for the acceptance of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as User). The User must read this Agreement in its entirety prior to registering on the Web site. By registering on the Web site Users agree to provide true and accurate information about themselves and their contact details. “VENETO GROUP” LLC undertakes not to transfer all data provided by the User on the web site to the third parties and to use it only for the purposes restricted by the legislation of Ukraine. As a result of registration, the User receives a login and password, for the security of which you are personally responsible. Also, the User is responsible for all actions made under its login and password on the Site. In case of loss of registration data, the User, if he/she considers it necessary, undertakes to inform “VENETO GROUP” LLC.

3.3 By using any data on the Site, the Users express their consent to these Terms and undertake to comply with them.

3.4 All data, information, materials and services of this website are provided to Users for information purposes. VENETO GROUP LLC has the right to manage of the information displayed on the website at its own discretion. “VENETO GROUP” LLC may at any time and without notice make necessary changes to the data, information, materials and services presented on this web site, and to the products and prices mentioned in them.

4 Intellectual property

4.1 All exclusive rights to trademarks and/or registered trademarks, data, information (design elements, texts, illustrations, graphics and codes) which are posted on the website, as well as its appearance and perception as the results of intellectual activity (hereinafter the “intellectual property objects”) are fully belong to their author (s) or other person (s) who has (have) the copyright and (or) related rights to that object(s) of copyright and/or related rights.

4.2 The use by “VENETO GROUP” LLC of data, information and other intellectual property objects on the web site does not a constitute granting to the Users of the Web site the right to use such intellectual property objects belonging to third parties, and that the use of such intellectual property objects will not require the permission of such third parties.

4.3 Placing data, information and other intellectual property objects on the web site does not imply the granting of any rights or permissions (licenses).

4.4 No distribution, modification or copying in any form of data, information and other intellectual property objects on the Web site in whole or in part is allowed, including through framing, including text or elements of web design in other sites or publications, as well as use to create derivative works. It is not allowed to use hyperlinks to this site on other websites or social networks without prior written consent of “VENETO GROUP” LLC. It is not allowed to use the marks for goods and services (trademarks) of “VENETO GROUP” LLC without prior written consent of “VENETO GROUP” LLC. “VENETO GROUP” LLC retains all rights to these trademarks (trademarks).

4.5 Any interference in the Web site or any commercial use of data, information and other intellectual property objects on the Web site, as well as changing or deleting copyright notices or references to author(s) present on the Web site, without prior permission of “VENETO GROUP” LLC employees, is not allowed.

4.6 Users of the Web site have the right to view, copy, print and otherwise use the intellectual property for their personal, non-commercial needs, provided that all copies and prints of such intellectual property are marked with the copyright of “VENETO GROUP” LLC and references to the Web-site https://venetomed.com/.



  1. Personal data

5.1 The relations related to the protection and processing of personal data of the Web site Users, which are carried out with the use by automated means, are regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On protection of personal data”.

5.2 The owner of personal data is “VENETO GROUP” LLC, which is located at the following address: 18006, Cherkasy, 27, Yuriy Illienko Str.

5.3 When placing an order or registration, “VENETO GROUP” LLC collects data about users, namely: full name, e-mail, phone number, city and residence address. This information is used to form a customer base, send out emails, sms or other communications. Site users can change or delete their personal data if they register on this website. Users can unsubscribe from mailing lists by clicking on the link “unsubscribe” in the body of the mailing list, or inform the managers of the “VENETO GROUP” LLC about the refusal to receive mailings from the “VENETO GROUP” LLC.

5.4 Leaving comments on the website under a personal login and password, users are responsible for the authenticity of the data provided, according to the current legislation of Ukraine. In case the given message is illegal, threatening, defamatory, offensive morally, violates author’s rights, contains insults in the address of certain persons or organizations, and also one way or another violates the current legislation of Ukraine, “VENETO GROUP” LLC has a right to delete it without warning and consent.

5.5. By visiting the Site https://venetomed.com/ and / or buying goods, Users confirm their consent to the terms of these Terms and allow to use their personal data, as well as provide access to them, to third parties without any additional messages on legal grounds, subject to the provisions set out below. “VENETO GROUP” LLC respects the privacy rights of the Users of the Site and recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information collected. These Terms apply to the Site https://venetomed.com/.

5.6. “VENETO GROUP” LLC collects personal information about Users when they: register for extended use of this Web site and / or provide “VENETO GROUP” LLC with contact information via e-mail or messengers. Such information includes: e-mail address, name, last name, photo, preferred language, Facebook name, phone number, information about social networks of Users.

5.7 When placing orders by Users, “VENETO GROUP” LLC collects information about the name of the product, its characteristics and quantity.

5.8. When purchasing goods by Users, “VENETO GROUP” LLC does not collect information about the transaction (payment occurs on the bank side). When making purchases using Users’ bank cards, any credit card information provided by Users may be collected and used solely by the bank. “VENETO GROUP” LLC never receives and/or stores credit card information of Users.

5.9. “VENETO GROUP” LLC automatically collects information about how Users interact with the Website https://venetomed.com/, such as: the IP address from which Users access the account, date and time, information about Users’ browser, operating system and computer or device, reviewed pages and items to which Users have navigated.  “VENETO GROUP” LLC may also collect location information, including that location information automatically provided by Users’ computers or devices. “VENETO GROUP”LLC uses Cookies and similar technologies to collect this information.

5.10. “VENETO GROUP” LLC may collect information when Users come into contact with advertisements and other content of “VENETO GROUP” LLC on third party sites or platforms such as social networks. This may include information such as “Likes,” profile information gathered from social media sites, or the fact that Users have viewed or interacted with the “VENETO GROUP” LLC content. In addition, Users may provide the Site https://venetomed.com/ different types of information and data for storage and processing (hereinafter referred to as “customer data”).

5.11. “VENETO GROUP” LLC uses the information provided by Users in the following ways: to provide, maintain and improve the Website https://venetomed.com/ (for example, by remembering information about Users so that the latter do not have to re-enter it during this or subsequent visits) to process User requests and provide customer services in other ways; to process User payments; to control unauthorized use or misuse of the Website https://venetomed. com/ and other products and services (goods) of “VENETO GROUP” LLC or to detect, investigate or prevent activities that may violate these Terms or be illegal; to analyze trends, administer or optimize the Web site https://venetomed.com/, track usage or traffic (including to track user movement through the Web site https://venetomed.com/) and gather demographic information about the user base of the Website as a whole; for direct communication with users, including by sending information messages, promotions and special offers or information about new products and services to Users.

5.12. “VENETO GROUP” LLC does not sell, exchange or transfer personal information about Users of the web site to third parties, except for cases, described below: “VENETO GROUP” LLC may transfer personal information about Users if it is the firm belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is reasonable and necessary to: To satisfy any applicable law, to regulate the legal process, or to investigate possible violations or to protect against unavoidable damage to “VENETO GROUP”‘s rights, property or safety, and the rights of Users as required or permitted by law; “VENETO GROUP” LLC may share personal information about Users with third parties (including “VENETO GROUP”‘s services and contractors and government entities) to detect and prevent fraud, possible security or technical problems; “VENETO GROUP” LLC may provide payment information about Users to process Users’ payments. “VENETO GROUP” LLC may transfer personal information about Users to third parties if Users give their consent to this. “VENETO GROUP” LLC may also transfer anonymous information to third parties for other purposes. This kind of information does not identify the Users personally, but may include information on the usage, viewing technical data, such as: the devices from which users and customers access the https://venetomed.com/ site, the configuration of computers, as well as performance indicators related to the use of the https://venetomed.com/ site, which “VENETO GROUP” LLC has collected through the “VENETO GROUP” LLC technology. If required by the applicable law, “VENETO GROUP” LLC will treat such information as personal. In this case, “VENETO GROUP” LLC will disclose it as described above.

5.13. The website https://venetomed.com/ may contain links to third-party web sites. This Policy applies solely to information collected by “VENETO GROUP” LLC. Even if a third party website has a partnership or other relationship with “VENETO GROUP” LLC, “VENETO GROUP” LLC is not responsible for its use of confidential information of Users. We recommend that Users independently familiarize themselves with the terms (privacy policies) of third party sites to fully understand how they process personally obtained information about Users. Users should note that when using https://venetomed.com/  “VENETO GROUP” LLC does not warn Users when Users go to link to other sites. Web sites allow users to write reviews, leave comments, or other visible content that is in the public domain. “VENETO GROUP” LLC bring to the attention to users that any personal information that Users submit as part of a post may be visible, collected, and even used by other visitors to the Websites to send unclaimed messages to Users.

5.14. Opt-Outs. “VENETO GROUP” LLC may give Users the opportunity to opt out of processing personal information about Users for the purposes that “VENETO GROUP” LLC sets out to collect information. If you opt out, Users will not be able to take advantage of certain features of the web site https://venetomed.com/.

Communication preferences. If Users no longer wish to receive mailings and promotional messages from “VENETO GROUP” LLC, Users may opt out by following the instructions for this format of communication. At the same time, Users will probably not have the opportunity to opt out of the messages of “VENETO GROUP” LLC related to the service.

Blocking  Cookies. Users can delete or block certain cookies in the settings of their browsers. Such action may affect the correct operation of the https://venetomed.com/ web site.

“VENETO GROUP” LLC ‘s response to “Do Not Track” signals. Users’ browsers may have the “Do Not Track” feature configured. When it is active, Users’ browsers will send an HTTP file or provide a “Do Not Track” signal to all sites that Users visit. At the moment the web site https://venetomed.com/ does not respond in any way to signals of this type.

5.15. When Users use the Website: https://venetomed.com/, “VENETO GROUP” LLC makes great efforts to provide Users with access to personal information upon Users’ request, or to provide Users with a way to edit this information if it contains any inaccuracies, and to delete this information upon Users’ request if it has not been previously requested by law or obtained for legitimate business purposes. At any time Users may access, view, edit, modify or delete information of similar content. To do this, Users should email: marketing@veneto.ua with their name, phone number, email, and the action that Users would like to do with their information, then access, view, edit, update, or delete. If Users use the Web site, you  need to log in to the user account, go to the “My Account” menu and make the desired changes. “VENETO GROUP” LLC has the right to reject requests that are repeated systematically without any reason, require inappropriate technical effort (e.g., requests for information posted on backup media), jeopardize the privacy of other users, very impractical requests or those activities that do not require access. In all cases in which “VENETO GROUP” LLC provides access and the ability to edit information, “VENETO GROUP” LLC does so completely free of charge, unless it requires inappropriate effort and additional costs or such actions do not require special access by “VENETO GROUP” LLC. In addition, “VENETO GROUP” LLC may retain information about Users as necessary to support the Website: //venetomed.com/, to comply with “VENETO GROUP” LLC’s legal obligations, or to resolve disputes. Users should note that the content they post may remain on Web site http: //venetomed.com/ even if Users cease using this Web site or if “VENETO GROUP” LLC ceases to restrict Users’ access to Web site http: //venetomed.com/.

5.16. In the course of its work, “VENETO GROUP” LLC contacts third parties who, by performing various functions, help “VENETO GROUP” LLC to realize the goals and objectives of the Website https://venetomed.com/. Security information, privacy and agreements for the Website https://venetomed.com/, the Website https://venetomed.com/ engages further subprocessors that can process personal data transmitted to https://venetomed.com/ services. Below is a list of these processing routines. “VENETO GROUP” LLC may periodically update the following list: GoogleIrelandLtd, eSputnikInternationalLLC, facebook, Bitrix.

5.17. Safety of personal information of Users is important for “VENETO GROUP” LLC. “VENETO GROUP” LLC carries out numerous appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal information about Users, provides limited access to personal information about Users to those employees of “VENETO GROUP” LLC, who, according to “VENETO GROUP” LLC, need it for providing goods or services to Users or for performing their official duties. “VENETO GROUP” LLC has also carried out the necessary physical, electronic and procedural actions to protect personal information of Users. However, due to the fact that none of the methods of data transmission over the Internet, as well as the method of electronic data storage do not give a hundred percent protection, “VENETO GROUP” LLC asks Users to pay attention to the fact that “VENETO GROUP” LLC cannot guarantee the absolute safety of the information posted by Users.

5.18. “VENETO GROUP” LLC informs users who subscribe to the newsletter about the following: “VENETO GROUP” LLC does not use incorrect topics or topics of messages misleading or email addresses; with certain criteria “VENETO GROUP” LLC defines the message as an advertisement; checks third-party email marketing services for compliance, if such are used by “VENETO GROUP ” LLC; quickly processes requests for opt-out / unsubscribe; allows Users to unsubscribe using links at the bottom of the message; if Users wish to unsubscribe from receiving future messages, the latter must write to the email marketing@veneto.ua, or unsubscribe directly from the message (click on the “Unsubscribe” button located in the footer of the sheet) and “VENETO GROUP” LLC will immediately remove the user from all correspondence.

5.19. “VENETO GROUP” LLC has the right to keep personal information of Users as long as it will be necessary for realization of the purposes indicated in these Terms, in terms established by the legislation of Ukraine or till the moment of deleting of such data by Users.

5.20. “VENETO GROUP” LLC retains the right to make changes to these Terms unilaterally, at any time and unlimited number of times. If changes are made, “VENETO GROUP” LLC will publish them and indicate on this web page the date when the changes will take effect. Please review this Terms from time to time to be aware of all changes and updates. If “VENETO GROUP” LLC make any substantive changes to this document, “VENETO GROUP” LLC will be sure to send an e-mail to Users or notify the latter for the messages posted on the https://venetomed.com/ website. “VENETO GROUP” LLC reminds that by interacting with this Web site, Users agree to the rules of the Terms in the version in force at the time of such interaction.

In case of any questions or if it is necessary to contact “VENETO GROUP” LLC on these Terms, Users can write to “VENETO GROUP” LLC by e-mail: marketing@veneto.ua.