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Application of suits

20% of the total number of detected COVID-19 cases in Ukraine fell on medical staff. According to statistics, this percentage has now been reduced to 10%. Still, Ukraine continues to hold a sad leadership position in terms of morbidity among doctors and medical personnel in the world. The main and major reason for this deplorable situation is undoubtedly the extremely low protection of medical staff abandoned at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic from the risk of infection and exposure to the virus. Because of the pandemic, Ukraine is on the verge of medical collapse: very soon there will be not only nothing but nobody to save Ukrainians from the coronavirus.
In order to avoid this, «VenetoMed» started from scratch the production of high-quality medical protective suits that will provide protection against viruses, bacteria, chemicals and other negative impacts not only during the pandemic, but also after it – in the food industry and agriculture, employees of the State Emergency Situations Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, scientists in laboratories and staff of medical institutions specialising in the treatment of particularly dangerous and contagious diseases.

“VenetoMed” protective suits for infectious disease doctors, paramedics, ambulance crews and other medical professions

«VenetoMed» uses special SpunBel, SMS and two-, three-layer laminated spunbond fabrics to produce high-end protective medical suits. They are lightweight and strong, all of which are highly resistant to external influences. In the production of laminated spunbond and SMS fibres are thermally bonded. As a result, they do not allow viruses or bacteria to pass through.
When sewing medical protective suits, these materials are used as two and three-layer non-woven materials. The layers of material are bonded together with a «breathable» membrane film made of polyethylene, which enhances the protective and water-repellent, hydrophobic properties of the original material. After all, using this technology, the suit allows the skin to «breathe», which is important because a shift of doctor can last more than 8 hours.
Each of the materials used in «VenetoMed» protective suits has its own advantages and specifics. Products made of laminated spunbond have enhanced hydrophobic and water-repellent properties. SMS protective suits are characterised by higher protective characteristics, which make them ideally suited for sewing protective suits with high tightness. And the nonwoven material made of polypropylene filament yarns is not only characterized by high density, but also by increased resistance to external factors. In addition, products made of this material can be sterilised at temperatures of 100-130 degrees and used repeatedly, which is why, apart from medicine, they are actively used in other areas, particularly in the food industry and pharmaceuticals.
All materials used for suits are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Therefore, they are suitable for daily use.
In order to strengthen the protective properties of its antiviral (antibacterial) suits, in early June 2020 «Veneto» was the first company in Ukraine to use ultrasonic welding technology in the production of suits. This modern technology provides additional protection for physicians against the penetration of viruses, bacteria and toxic substances through protective suits – because with this technology, medical protective suits «VenetoMed» have no gaps between welded parts. This automatically reduces the number of «paths» for viruses to enter. This means that the doctor can help the patient as effectively as possible without fear of falling ill himself.
Regardless of the model, all suits are complemented by cuffs, secure buckles and special fasteners on your fingers. This allows these protective suits to be used in hospitals specialising in the treatment of COVID-19 patients – with minimal risk of infection for medical staff. These suits are also ideally suited to protect laboratory personnel where coronavirus and other dangerous diseases and viruses are being investigated, as well as ambulance crews that working under conditions of high risk of COVID-19 infection.

«VenetoMed» protective clothing is certified according to:

  • Technical regulations for medical devices (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 753 of October 2, 2013)
  • Technical regulation of individual protection equipment (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.761 of August 27, 2008)
  • [State technical standard of Ukraine] EN 14605:2017 Protective clothing. Protection against liquid chemicals. Performance requirements for clothing with liquid-tight (Type 3) or spray-tight (Type 4) connections, including items providing protection to parts of the body only (Types PB [3] and PB [4]) (EN 14605:2005 + A1: 2009, IDT)
  • [State technical standard of Ukraine] EN 13034:2017 Protective clothing. Protection against liquid chemicals. Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals (Type 6 and Type PB [6] equipment) (EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009, IDT)

The compliance of protective products with all norms and requirements has been confirmed by numerous studies conducted by state research institutions and certification centres.

«VenetoMed» protective suits at anti-plague institutes, virology laboratories and medical centres performing COVID-19 tests, when working with HIV-positive people and at cancer clinics where it is important to protect both the medical worker and the immunecompromised patient.

The anti-plague institutes and virological laboratories in Ukraine that monitor the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country are exposed to numerous risks on a daily basis. Continuous research work aimed at preventing and eliminating infectious, parasitic and viral diseases is accompanied by increased risks. That is why the use of protective suits by such institutions is considered a prerequisite.
And in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, coronavirus testing laboratories have also been added to the list of such particularly dangerous institutions.
«VenetoMed» protective medical suits are ideal for laboratory workers, as they are manufactured in compliance with key safety rules – and with all the requirements and standards established for medical protective clothing. These products are manufactured using multi-layer hydrophobic non-woven materials duplicated with polyethylene films. Additional protection is provided by joining the elements of the suit using advanced ultrasonic welding technology. This approach to product manufacturing minimises the risk that contaminated liquids or bacteria will penetrate the material onto the skin. Thick cuffs, finger fasteners and secure clasps help strengthen the protective properties of medical suits.
At the same time, a virologist, laboratory technician or scientist will feel most comfortable working in a «VenetoMed» protective medical suit, because such a suit will not create the feeling of being in a polyethylene cocoon and will not “overheat” from inside.

«Veneto» protective suits - in the service of The State Emergency Servise of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Employees of services of the The State Emergency Servise of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine are now in the thick of things due to the unfavourable situation that has developed not only in our country, but all over the world. Every day, employees of these departments expose themselves to danger, ensuring the safety of our fellow citizens. And in the vast majority of emergency situations that need to be eliminated, employees of the relevant services have to wear protective suits. To really protect, these suits must be of the highest quality and durability. After all, their task is to protect people from skin damage, temperature fluctuations, penetration of poisonous gases and vapours, chemical sprays and reagents.
As long as employees of emergency services and the Ministry of Internal Affairs protect the citizens of our country, «Veneto» takes care of them. «VenetoMed» protective suits are specially designed to protect the body from various external factors. Special multi-layer hydrophobic fabrics and high quality fittings are used in the manufacture of products. At the same time, «VenetoMed» protective suits maintain freedom of movement and normal heat exchange in the body. And it often affects not only the efficiency of rescuers or law enforcement officers, but also their lives.

Protective suits in the food industry

The production and processing of food products requires absolute sterility, as well as the protection of personnel from possible adverse external factors. «Veneto» has developed modern protective suits that are also suitable for use by employees in the food industry.
Unlike the health care system or emergency response or natural disaster elimination, protective suits in the food industry are not needed to protect people from the environment, but rather to reduce the impact of external factors, bacteria and viruses, on food products. On which the safety of food for consumers ultimately depends.
And VenetoMed’s protective suits, thanks to the use of the highest quality multilayer fabrics and innovative production and sewing technologies, meet this challenge for all 100 percent. So the risk of contamination of products in production or bacteria brought in by employees from outside is reduced to zero thanks to the suits’ high degree of protection. So they are suitable for industries that require absolute sterility.
And for added security, all models of «VenetoMed» protective suits are equipped with tight-fitting cuffs, finger elastic bands and secure clasps. And working in such protective suits is not only as safe as possible, but also extremely comfortable thanks to the “breathable” membrane film that binds the layers of materials.

Protective suits in the pharmaceutical field

Pharmaceutical manufacturing involves handling hazardous reagents as well as products whose safety has not yet been confirmed. This means that employees in pharmaceutical laboratories need special protection, which Veneto’s special suits can provide. They are designed for use in pharmaceutical production and laboratories, protecting the skin from chemicals, hazardous liquids and biologically active substances.

When sewing protective suits for pharmaceutical production, Veneto uses modern technologies, such as ultrasonic welding of seams, which minimises the risk of exposure to harmful external factors.
At the same time, protective suits for pharmaceutical production also perform reverse protection – protecting medicines from possible negative impact by humans. Using such protection, employees do not have to worry about the risk of spreading viruses, fungi and harmful bacteria.
All models of «VenetoMed» protective suits are manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards and are complemented by seemingly small details such as tight-fitting cuffs, rubber bands to secure the sleeves to your fingers and sturdy clasps, which play an important role in the suit’s ease of use. It should sit as comfortably as possible on the human body, not to fall down, not to wrap up, and at the same time not to stiffen the movements.
The production of «VenetoMed» protective suits uses special two- and three-layer medical antibacterial fabrics, thanks to which products are characterized by enhanced antibacterial properties. The materials used in sewing suits are anti-allergenic, non-toxic and provide normal heat transfer and, most importantly, a high level of protection. This is the main purpose of protective suits.