How to choose a COVID protective suit

During the global COVID-19 epidemic, this question has taken on particular urgency. As you know, protective clothing is designed to protect the body from harmful external factors, including viral agents. But before choosing a suitable option for special protection, it is worth understanding whether you need a protective suit in principle. Let’s look at this together.

Do you need a protective suit?

No one will argue that quality workwear can protect you better than a simple mask or respirator. The question of buying protective suits became particularly acute against the backdrop of the Covid-19 epidemic. Medical suits are an additional protection, which in the current world situation is certainly not superfluous.

However, you have to admit that wearing protective suits just to go out to the shop for bread is too much. So how do you know when a medical protective suit is really appropriate? To begin with, let’s determine who can do without disposable/reusable protective suits. So, you will need the workwear if:

  • You work in metal- or woodworking, agriculture where you have to interact with hazardous pesticides, mechanical engineering or construction work.
  • Your work involves the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry.
  • The premises in which you work must be sterile. We are talking about laboratories, operating rooms and other similar facilities.
  • You work with hazardous substances – chemicals, toxic powders, adhesives and others.
  • In the line of duty you are in the COVID-19 high-risk area. At present, not only physicians, but also employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, emergency services and others have to stay on the front line.

If the above points are not about you, but you or your loved ones are at risk in Covid-19, it is better to buy protective suits for the whole family. You don’t need to wear them every day, but they can protect you from Coronavirus if necessary.

Features of choosing protective suits

If you need to choose a protective suit, do so based on the risks assumed and the nature of your work.
If the safety of your skin is paramount to you, choose protective clothing with a lower degree of protection. It will do the job, while providing comfort thanks to breathable inserts.

If you choose a suit that can be protected against viruses, bacteria, dangerous chemicals and other similar risks, choose protective clothing with a higher degree of protection. These protective suits are manufactured by «Veneto».

«Veneto» protective suits

The production of «Veneto» protective suits uses ultrasonic welding technology. This ensures that no gaps are created when parts of workwear are joined together, which is the portal for viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

All of Veneto’s protective suits are hydrophobic without exception – they are capable of repelling water as well as other liquids. Veneto protective suits are made from innovative medical fabrics – SpunBel, SMS and laminated spunbond (2-layer and 3-layer). These fabrics are non-toxic, do not cause allergic reactions and can provide maximum safety.

These properties of Veneto’s protective suits enable their use by medical staff, virologists, employees of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and emergency services, and other professionals working in the COVID-19 red zones.

Veneto protective suits are certified according to the following standards: Technical regulations for medical devices № 753 and №761, State technical standards of Ukraine EN ISO 13485:2018, EN14605: 2017 and EN 13034: 2017, also ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001-2017.

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